Sunday, July 4, 2010

How to be a SuperHero!

I am sure everyone of us fantasized of being a Super Hero before…

Imagine having flight abilities, being invisible, mind-read what others are thinking, touch and turn things into gold, controlling the weather and time travelling et cetra super human powers! How cool would your life be?

Know what? You CAN now be one!

I found a book in the library which teaches you just that! The book is titled “How to be a Super Hero”. Authored by Doctor Metropolis,it is apparently a complete guide to finding a secret HQ, hiring a sidekick, thwarting the forces of evil and much more!

Wow… Content sounded quite promising, I must say.

For people who aspired to be Super Hero, but not sure how get their career started, this could be your answer.

I supposed the librarians must have this intention in mind when categorising it as a non-fiction book at the self-improvement section…

So, Heros-to-be, Happy Reading!


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