Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guess what?

I was at Sheng Siong supermarket weeks ago. There were quite a lot of interesting things to see. I will gradually post them, but first there is this carton of strange fruits.
What do you think they are?
Hint: Green, firm to touch, almost like unripe tomatoes…
The size of a golf ball.
Smell grassy
Hint hint  - they supposedly tasted very tart…
Give up? No idea?

Da tah! They are Gooseberry from India! (Opps, they spell wrongly)

I never know India produces Gooseberry. What do they do with them?

Cook them in curries?

Please leave me a message if you know!

Yet another interesting find uncovered by Photosophize.

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Efros said...

They are used to make Jams, Pies, Fools and Crumbles. they are very sour so quite a lot of sugar required. The greener they are the more sour they are, a properly ripened gooseberry is reddish green and has a sweet taste with a sour aftertaste.