Friday, May 7, 2010

Divorce for Dummies (?!)

I used to think that Librarians are strict and bored. Turn out, they can be humourous as well.
I saw this book on the recommendation shelf at the library and I let out a laugh. Hmm, Divorce for Dummies… I never know the Dummies series had this title too. Do people really read them? What would your wife/hubby think if they find you reading this book?
||| WTF, would be my reaction. Seriously, if my partner needs to get tips from this book, we are better off to divorce. (Nope, no such luck. I still need to find one first.)
For those who need a tip, I had once read in the papers that when those super-rich wanted a divorce, they don’t go to a family law lawyer. Instead, they will sought an accounting lawyer so as to better calculate how much assets they can laid their hands on from their partners.
It seems to make more sense to use an accounting lawyer than reading the dummies version.

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