Sunday, May 9, 2010

Batam Trip – iHotel and Nagoya Hill

Alright, second part of my Batam “adventure”. I will also let the picture do the talking…

Yup. This is the hotel which we stayed in – iHotel. It is quite clean and the amenities are quite good, I must say. However, as with all things with Batam, it is also surrounded by undeveloped plots of land.

The back of hotel is this plot of land with nothing on it which looked rather miserable. It looked like it was caved out from a hill or something. 

However, then a short walk down the paved path, it will lead us to our only entertainment source…
*drum roll, please…*

Out of nowhere, a modern building named “Nagoya Hill” sprang out yet again among another plot of undeveloped land.

I must say the mall design still looked modern. Don’t you think it looked like Bugis Junction? Toilets are usable. There are also lot of stores and eateries…
I guess their clothing collections are not what Singaporeans would have like, but people go batam for a reason. That is to buy daily necessity such as soap, sanitary pads, toothpaste and toothbrushes at incredible prices.

I can’t help but to feel slightly gloomy at the look of the Christmas Tree decoration.
Despite the magnificent size, sponge lining supposedly to be snow are tear anyhow and placed randomly on the tree. It just looked like it could be improved further…

While the back of the hotel look bare, the front is surprising good. Paved roads with neat trees and shrubs are decoration.

At least some parts of Batam looked very developed. Yup, there is the prominent sign of A&W. 

Ok, iHotel had a very nice pool I must say. I can’t swim sadly, but my friends did. I did walk around in the baby pool though, splashing around.

Ok. Here is me, doing a bit of “sun tanning” while reading a book. This is how obsessed I am with study… I brought a course reading book to holiday to get a headstart. To think, I still missed the A by two marks… Mr Arty One…

Yes, laugh your head off. I have not only covered my legs with towel, but also my arms and head. There is a saying in Chinese - 一白遮三丑, which meant pale-coloured skin will hide one’s flaws.  Already flawed, I must preserved whatever I have to look presentable at the very least. Keeping myself as pale as possible is the minimum I can do to myself. (I must say I am getting darker though…)


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