Sunday, February 3, 2008

My 100th Post !

Ahem~! Dear Readers,

(Thoughts to Self - My God!!! Did I really written 99 articles already? Time really flies...)

Thank you very much for your support so far ! No doubt, Photosophize is supposed to be about me, but in a way I didn't want it to be entirely about me. I want to share some unique things/sights/information that I happened to know/see/encounter with others that we don't normally see. I hope Photosophize had bought fun and perhaps corny entertainment to all who somehow been reading my blog these months. (In case you doubt, I got loyal readers ok...)

Visitors Rates (if there is...)

I didn't really keep track of the number of vistors I had (luckily ...), but reckon there are at least four visitors - counting Cloudmuse, Ri Guang Yu, Mummy of Cheeky Monkies and Yawny who often left messages for me. Perhaps there are people out there who have been reading my blog but prefer to be unnamed/silent, but anyway I can still count on some of my colleagues to beef up the visitor rate. I have been conveniently pester/harass/sometime threaten to read my blog.

That reminds me, think they need to be "reminded" again. :P

Computer's Down

I still can't write as often and think that will still last for sometime. My computer is officially "dead". Experts whom we consulted cannot understand how my brother can powersurge and "burnt" the motherboard with a 5 watts I-POD. I, on the other hand understand it perfectly well - that is my brother "hidden talent". The other time he tried to upgrade our computer by inserting another 128 ram, he also "burnt" the motherboard. The RAM was inserted upsidedown... (that is as rare as snowing in Singapore) A lot of photos which I have taken earlier are locked in my dead computer (no naked photos or videos which people can use to blackmail me though) and that greatly disabled me. Those photos are meant for photosophize and now I have restock them. :(

Coming Soon

As Chinese New Year approaching soon, I have been busy with making cookies and snacks the whole of yesterday - Almond, Raisins and Coconut Oatmeal Cookies and Black and White Chocolate Chips Cereal Cornflakes Cookies. Of course, What is Chinese New Year without Honey Cone? Want their recipes? Also, bet you heard about Ichiban Boshi Japanese Chain Restaurants, but want to know which outlet served the most delicious food? I found it... Been to Waraku Jap restaurant, but have you been to Waraku Pasta and eaten their pasta? Let me tell you what I think about Wagyu Pasta. Are you plagued with Blackheads and Sebum Plugs (better known as whiteheads) like me? I found a solution that works and it is more cost effective than a visit to your beautician !

All these and more interesting finds in upcoming Photosophize !!!

Stay Tune !!!

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