Friday, February 22, 2008

Melts and Washes Away...

Do You Make up everyday? Check.

Are Your Pores Blocked? Check.

Is Your Skin Dull and Lack of Lusture? Check.

Semi-saviour is here. See below:

I was at Watson hunting for deep cleasing mask to clean up my full of make-up residues face. Then I saw the above product on the shelf. A lot taiwanese artises swear-by cult brand beauty products from Japan, so I was thinking maybe this will work... Eager to clean up my face, I bought one to try. It cost $17.90.

It claimed to have hyaluronic acid which will melts sebum plug and allow you to clean up the pores deeply. Just leave it on face for 60 seconds, then use fingers to massage your face in circular motion, you will end up with smooth and clean face after the treatment.

A lot of people do not like to use acid products. I agree, you have to be very careful when using it especially if you have sensitive skins. For me, I don't thus find acid products very good skin whitening agent. I used to love L'oreal's AHA exfoliator, but too bad it wasn't on the market anymore. I swear by it to keep my skin fair. I used to be a lot whiter than I am now because of it. :(

Anyway, I think the product is not bad. Still effective enough, my face overall feels quite smooth and a lot cleaner than before. However, there are still a bit of very stubborn sebums left on my chin which refuses to come out. My skin did however looked much white and radiant.

Just word of caution, before you use the product or in fact any product, it is better try on small area first to test if you are sensitive to them.


Can buy for weekly use, but make sure you don't have sensitive skin. I find this a cheaper alternative or semi-solution before you are due for that next facial appointment with your beautician. :)

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