Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Photosophize Discovery - It's a bird ! Big one!

After work, I saw this big bird loittering at ground level of my block. It didn't move when we approached it, thus I think it might be injured or something. Yes, which is why I managed to take quite a close shot picture of it.

I remembered reading on news that there were wild birds trapped in a HDB flat recently and authority was called to removed them. I couldn't remember which authority and the number and therefore called 100 to ask in order to move this poor bird back to where it belonged.

The 100 hotline lady heard my story and was clueless for a moment who to direct me to. Then, sound panicky put me hold before informing me that NEA would be the appropriate authority to call. I then called NEA 24 hour hotline,

“Hallo, erm there is big bird that is not moving at my block near the lift lobby. The bird looked like a stork or something... It didn't fly... " (Nervous, thinking how to explain the situation to the officer

"Bird? What Bird? " (Didn't get what I said at all)

"Stork-looking bird...Looked like Stork or something..." (trying hard to pronunce stork)

"Mdm, you should call the town council..." (pushing the responsibilities to town council)

"What? Town council don't handle birds what... This is not their responsibilities! I thought NEA would handle birds !" (Getting mad...)

"Mdm~, we handle dead birds" (she sound slightly irritated...)

"Huh? Then who should I call?" (Puzzled)

“Call AVA, they handle live animals. Here is their numbers" (Quickly give me the numbers)

Called AVA hotline, hotline are only opened from 8 to 5.30 pm... (WTH) Angry, she would have know their operating hours, but still give me the numbers when they are not working. Such service standard, my god.

If you encounter similar situation, here are their hotline:

NEA 24 Hour Hotline - 1800 2255 632
AVA - 1800 476 1600

To help you remember which line to call, Alive Animals - AVA, Not Alive - NEA.

The bird was longer there when I went to work this morning. I hope it has fly away to somewhere safe. :)

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