Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tanpopo Deli Desserts

I hardly have much leisure times these days. Most of the free time I had were spent on school work.
I did however manage to go out with friends on several occasions for “normalcy” purposes . Hence just imagine the disappointment I had, when we ended up having some rather dissatisfying ramen for dinner at Liang Court!
It almost spoilt my special night out!!! I will not name the shop here (for now).
We decided that we need something good to get over the disappointment.
There is no better mood-lifter than dessert, we thought.
We therefore adjourned to the basement level where Meidya was located.
Tucked at the other end was Tanpopo Deli, where they served a selections of salads, take-ways bendo sets and delicious looking cakes and desserts. 
My friend, Mindy ordered this Custard Pudding which comes with Caramel Sauce. It was a very smooth pudding, with a light and fragnant eggy, milky taste.
The slightly bitter-sweet caramel sauce gave it a special character. Every mouthful tasted so comforting.

Another of my friend – Celine ordered this Green Tea short-cake with strawberries and cream.
It was probably the best testing cake among the three desserts which we ordered. The cake was light and fluffy, permeated with a light green tea flavour.
As you can see in the picture, there were hidden nuggets of azuki beans in between the cake which compliment the green tea flavour so well.
Strawberries and Cream – Do I even need to say more? Match made in heaven!

Last but not least, I ordered this Chiffon Cheese Cake.
I had never seen such a well-raised Chiffon cake before. You see, I bake cakes occasionally and I know how hard it is to bake a perfect Chiffon.

At the first look, I knew I had to order the Tanpopo’s Chiffon cake by look of the cake size. They are so well-done. I was speechless looking at it.
This cake does not have an exciting flavour. In fact, it is a simple chiffon cake, topped with a very lightly sweeten whipped cream topped with some sheds of Parmasan Cheese.
I love it, actually. I think the saltiness of the Parmasan Cheese brought out the subtle sweetness of the cake.

This is what I like about Japanese cakes and desserts. They are not overtly sweet or as rich as their Western cousins. Like Japanese culture, it has a hint of subtleness which leave you craving for more…
But before you stuffed yourself silly with more desserts, check the time first.

Tanpopo Deli sells bento sets at a discounted price after 8 pm!
Since you have a relatively light dessert, you will definitely have room for supper!
Do try!

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