Friday, November 26, 2010

What to eat in Johor Bahru - Bah Ku Teh

I thought it will be interesting to do a series of postings on Johor Bahru eateries.

We are only separated by a few kilometers, but the food is distinctly different from Singapore’s. Some of them are really nice.

First post of the series – Shun Fa Bah Ku Teh

I had eaten at this Bah Ku Teh place before. However, the time when I took this photo, I had merely passed by.
It was one of my favourite eateries in Malaysia. They served traditional Malaysia Bah Ku Teh i.e. herbal style soup and in claypot.
The difference between Malaysia’s Bah Ku Teh and Singapore’s lies with the broth. Singapore’s famous Bah Ku Teh has a simpler taste and lighter coloured broth. They are usually Teochew’s style i.e. flavoured with garlic , pepper and meat only. Malaysia’s tend to have a richer broth and heavier in colour i.e. rich brown.
Between them, I prefer the Malaysia’s style better.
The eatery is situated at Taman Sentosa, Jalan Sutera Satu, about 10 minutes drive from City Square.
Do try it when you are in JB.

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