Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lion hugs and kisses its lady rescuer

My eyes turned red when I saw this video. This lady rescued a malnourished lion six years ago. She managed to nurse the lion back to health and eventually made an arrangement with a Zoo to take it in.

When she visited the lion at the zoo, it remembers her. Like a cat (ok a giant cat), it gave its rescuer a big hug, trying to rub some scents onto her. Awwww… Mimi does that too sometimes. She will react very excitedly when I visited her after a long while.  

That is why I always have a soft spot for animals. I never believed theories that argue that animals are not conscientious. On the contrary, they are aware of human feelings and sentiments. But unlike humans, they are much more genuine.  

While searching the video on YouTube, I chanced upon another video of lion remembering its owners. I felt very touched watching these videos.

Love knows no limits. True friendships last a lifetime... How true!

News clipping of the lion and its lady rescuer.

Another story of a lion remembering his owners.

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