Thursday, January 7, 2010

王菲 - 幽蘭操

Hey Fayenatics! Check out Faye’s latest soundtrack for the movie “Confucius” - 幽蘭操.

During the launch in Beijing, Faye commented through a VCR appearance that she was honoured to have taken part in the project and was motivated to sing for the movie because of Confucius theme. She opined that Confucius antics is essential in times like this because of its positive notion. She said that Confucius teachings reminded people of much needed resilience in troubled times like this. She admired the author and hope everyone would be able to benefit from the movie. 

The verse, I read, was supposedly written by the Master – Confucius- himself. Translating what I found online, they depicted of how the the Master described his own life, like a sprig of Orchid. The Master loves Orchid and named it as the King of Flowers. He noted that it had to endure harsh coldness in order to bloom, thus had perseverance.

When bloomed, the flower emitted an unique but understated fragrance. Though not the smell itself is not overpowering, but the understated flower had the abilities to waif its unique fragrances through the whole valley , in turn outshining all other flowers’ fragrances. 

The plant without its flowers looked just like another spade of grass, an unattractive ordinary plant. However, it takes a man with extraordinary foresight to see the plant for what it really is.  He thought that it does not do the flower much harm, even if one do not recognise it. However, once a man recognises flower and picks it, the flower will have no reservation to perfume the wearer with its fragrance.

A gentleman should learn from the humble Orchid – of its perseverance, to accumulate and grow during the  harsh winter. Understanding its antics, will then Man be successful in generations to come. 



蘭之猗猗 揚揚其香
衆香拱之 幽幽其芳
不采而佩 於蘭何傷
以日以年 我行四方
文王夢熊 渭水泱泱
采而佩之 奕奕清芳
雪霜茂茂 蕾蕾於冬
君子之守 子孫之昌

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