Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tales from Kyoto

Few months ago, I remember reading in the papers that more and more young people are taking sabbatical leave to explore places they have never been to or to do things that they like.

The article somewhat stirred up my almost empty soul. As I take stock of my current life, I realised that I am not leading a fulfilling life. Something seems to be missing.

Just as I was pondering over what I can do, a friend took the big step. She decided to take a break from work and Singapore. She packed and left for Japan to study the mystical language and at the same time experience life in the ancient capital, Kyoto.

PHOTO: Morning Sun

Kyoto is a beautiful place and it is full of festivities. Every photo she took looks like a postcard.

If you are interested to visit Kyoto or like my friend interested to study in Japan, please do visit her blog.

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