Sunday, August 19, 2012

Of Birth Rights and Assumptions

“Birth rights” - A right, possession, or privilege that is one's due by birth.

I read this TODAY article with interest.

Apparently the NTU Deputy President and Provost, Professor Freddy Boey related in the interview of how life wasn’t all rosy for him in his early days. He had an especially hard childhood.

Prof Boey grew up in a Kampong at Kolam Ayer. He had 10 other siblings and his parents couldn’t earn enough to support everyone.  So from an early age, he had to work alongside his mother to try to supplement the meager family income.

He didn’t do well in school then. He said his parents didn’t care and looking at his terrible grades, he would probably end up in the ITE by today’s standard. It was only when his father nearly made him drop out of school that he starts to pay more attention to studies.

You can read more of how he conquered the challenges and got out of the poverty cycle here.

I like this quote from him the most. Referring to poverty, he said

"It really helps you to be resourceful, to fend for yourself. You don't have the mentality that 'it's my birthright to have this and that', because you assume you have nothing and, from nothing, you have to come up with something." 

I was so inspired by his life story - Work hard and face the odds fearlessly, one day one will achieve the great things that he/she had always wanted in life.

The another news which caught my eye is this:- “Fresh grads expect higher salary, faster promotion: survey”

“A new survey shows recent graduates have higher wage expectations compared to previous years, and they also expect promotion by the second year of work.” 

Read the full article here.

Apparently, people of my generation (Gen Y) are all about getting instant gratification. They made assumptions and tend to think that they have the right of way. 

Who knows maybe they do… 

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