Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photosophize is now a Dot Com!

Cheers, everyone! Photosophize is now a Dot Com!

For the past two years, I haven’t been spending much time on Photosophize. Studies and work took up a lot of my time that I didn’t even check the email.

My apologies to Andra Leo. She had wrote in sometime last year to ask whether she can use one of my photos for her magazine but I didn’t manage to reply in time. I felt very flattered that my photo was considered in the first place. If there is another opportunity, I will provide you with the photo you needed, Andra.

And there is another email from Renee asking whether I would like to review a book about Ophichus. Wow, but I am not very sure whether I can do a good job reviewing books. I haven’t done reviews before. I must stress that I am not a professional astrologist. I am just a curious girl who likes to read about interesting stuff.

Besides, my English command is still quite bad. I sometimes just don’t know what is wrong with my grammar even though I read my writing many times over. I guessed this is what happen when you study in a Chinese school without a good English foundation.

I am back on blogosphere and maybe for good. I will review the content, returning Photosophize back to its root – about photos and things that people do not usually notice. I will also take more photos of Singapore, my beloved home.

Food reviews and recipes has been one of the most popular reads on this blog. But I am in serious dilemma on whether to still put up food recipes or reviews on this blog or to move them to a new blog.

If you have been a long-time reader of Photosophize, do write in and tell me which section interests you the most. I do check my email daily now.

Have a joyful Monday, everyone!

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