Thursday, March 15, 2012

Going serious with Nikon DSLR D5100!

I scored a really good deal at the recently ended IT show - I bought a DSLR camera finally!

I have to stress that I have not received any endorsement fees from any companies. I paid for the camera myself and these are just my personal opinions.

I did some research on which brand of camera to buy previously. There aren’t many choices for DSLR camera really and most people I know will only consider two brands.

In the end, I chose Nikon because they gave me a deal I couldn’t resist. Come on, Nikon basically gave buyers a full kit with any DSLR camera purchased. Best of all, they didn’t even need to advertise separately about the user guide as it came included with every purchase of camera as it rightly should!

The D5100 camera comes with a REAL 20 liters dry cabinet, a lowepro bag, a Manfrotto Velos 3 backpack, two 16 gb SD card, a full-size tripod, cleaning kit and card reader! How to top that?

They basically outdone themselves this time round. I remembered few years back they weren’t even participating in the IT show.

Anyway, I am very impressed and thankful to Nikon for offering such a good deal. Their generosity save a beginner like me a lot of trouble and money from having to buy these items separately from other vendors.

One tip for people who might want to buy stuff from the IT show but not sure how to do it – I usually prefer to buy directly from the manufacturers themselves – for example buy Nikon cameras from Nikon booth, Dell computers from Dell booth for example.

At these large IT shows, manufacturers will group several vendors together and make one-off deals which only varies from day to day. The manufacturers themselves called the shots and hold the lines on what freebies to give. This gave consumers some assurance, I feel.

With the new camera, I am going to re-organise my blog and start to express my thoughts through photos. I think I have whine enough during this two and a half years. It is time to start observing the world again and see more! 

Stay tune!

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