Monday, September 19, 2011


I happened to stump upon this show - Miracle Detectives on Discovery Channel and after the first episode, I was hooked. The show in gist is about two investigators, a scientist and a believer, who travelled around the world in attempt to explain whether or not miracles are indeed work of God or just a case of good probabilities. In many ways, the show is almost like the reality version of X-files.

In one of the recent episodes, they were doing a feature on 911. Indra, the scientist who played the skeptic asked in a rather harsh manner (she always do), where is God during the 911 attack. If he existed, why is he allowing so many unfair death.

Then on the believer side, he interviewed this firefighter John Morabito who relates how he managed to avert death several times – the building collapsed while he was in it, but he was unhurt. He saw a lighted passage way and decides to follow it to get out. On his way out, the second building collapses and debris fall around him. Again, he escaped without a wound.

The most amazing encounter he had was when he was crossing the Brooklyn bridge. Half way walking through the bridge, he met a construction worker. The worker was told him that God has a bigger plan for him and he needs to tell his stories and keep memories of others alive. Once over the bridge, he met two police officers who were handing out water. He asked for an additional one so that he can pass it to his construction worker friend.

They looked puzzled and told him that they were concerned with what he is going to do as he had been staring at the sea for a very long time. All the while, they only saw him alone. There was no one else with him.

Who was that person who was with him? Was it God himself? Of course, this year was the ten anniversary of the fateful 911 event. Many channels were playing over and over again 911 remembrance show. By chance, I saw John Morabito recounting this particular part of experience on another channel while I was channel surfing.

Hmm… Is that a sign? So God has a bigger plan for everyone when he is putting us through pain? I am not so sure about this anymore. I have lost faith as with many things in my life. Why do I need to go through so much pain than others?

Why am I even here in this world, I sometimes wondered.

Two more days and I will be one year older. It is time for reflections again.

Will I be able to see the bigger picture at the end of the tunnel?

Spare me. Spare me from this monstrosity, please God.

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