Friday, September 11, 2009

Problems Uploading Photos on Blogger? Read here for solutions!

Anyone got problems uploading photos on blogger? I did. In fact, weeks ago and the errors lasted for two weeks.

When I login in, the frames were missing. All the buttons became underline links.


The frames will be there, but when clicked on the picture button, the status bar will show error in the pop-up window.

I almost tear my hair out and I cannot blog for weeks. Also, I have no ways to contact Google/Blogger about it. They direct you to help forums or something.

I google about the problem and found this amazing blog! It actually listed errors which blogger had and how they can be resolved!

For those who are lazy to click on the link, but wanting to know how to start photos onto blogger, try this:

Depress "Control and F5" together to force the page to refresh. It turned out that Google had always been informed of any errors almost immediately and users only needed to reload their page to see the patched work.

Strangly, I tried clearing my cache earlier, but it did not work. I did "Control and F5" and the system was back to normal.


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