Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Vespa

Vespa which is wasp in itailian is a legendary motor scooter produced by an Italian company. It is a popular brand in Europe and had numerous fan clubs even in Singapore. I am a Vespa fan myself. I am sure no one would never regret getting one.

Vespa has a company history dating back to 1940s. Unlike other transport vehicle, Vespa really hold their value!

I have been dreaming to get a vespa scooter since my secondary school days. Despite much objections by my family, especially mum, I worked, scrimped and finally bought a brand new one last year.
Compared to other bikes and scooters, I believed this modern vespa (LX 150) which I bought is very much safer. It is an auto bike and thus changing of gears is not required. It also requires rider to maintain a good sitting posture, thus minimising the risk of an accident, but of course there are always risks while riding on the busy roads of Singapore.

I guessed what attracted me the most is that Vespa is light and has a speed limit of 140km/h. An ideal ride for both guys and ladies who would like to have a safe and stylish one. (Unless it rains, haha!)


jojo said...

One of the coolest scooter ever created i guess.. I own a classic PX:)

Rachael said...

Hello, happened to chance upon your site while googling about vespa.

I'm about 150cm, & I've been always wanting to get a vespa. Going to sign up for license soon but still struggling between car & motorbike due to my height! ):

I'm really afraid that I can't reach the floor! How how how? Pls give me some advice! :D Much thanks!

Vesparado said...

Hi jojo, classics are cool too ;)

Hi Rachael, Thanks for visiting. Im about 180 and the height of my vespa is just nice for me. There is a possibility that you might have problems reaching the floor. You might also face problems lifting the bike and putting on the stand. I suggest you visit the driving school and try it out:) In any case, driving a car can be fun too!