Saturday, August 15, 2009

Coffee Thoughts...

It is at this exact spot where I conceptualised "Photosophize" two years ago...

Before I have started blogging, I had quite a bit of free time on my hand (what to do... no life). I decided to start a blog.

I wanted to blog about photos which I took with my then-newly acquired N73 handphone. I want to write things which interest me, be it unique sights or strange happenings, whatever that I have encountered, I want to blog about it.

The initial theme of the blog was on photos and not so much on food. The name "Photosophize" is a word which I have coined myself by combining "Photo" and "Philosophize" together. I believed every photos had a story to tell and behind every story, there is a moral, a philosophy.

Time passes really fast and Photosophize is already two year old! Just the other day, my brother (not vesparado) was complaining to me that he could not remember my blog name at all and wondered why I had to choose such a difficult to spell name. It reminds me that all my other friends often called my blog "photosynthesis"... It started to haunt me that I should have chosen a easier to remember blog name in the first place.

I wondered if I should move all my food reviews and recipes content to another blog with a easier to remember name... Honestly, I am not really keen to do so, but if all of you thought that I should do so then I will consider.

Let me know your views by participating in the poll on the right hand corner. :)

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