Thursday, May 28, 2009

Real News - Cat Grows a Pair of Wings !

Stop making promises that you will do whatever if Cats can fly, because they might just be able to do so! Read on below. I read about this strange news on MSN that a cat in Chong Qing, China had developed a pair of wings!

Interestingly, the cat was born normal, looking like any other kitty. However, it started to develop wing-shaped appendages when it reached one year old. The "wing" grew from either side of the spine and felt bony.

There were speculations that the kitty had some kind of mutation or due to genetic changes caused by chemicals ingested by kitty's mother when she was pregnant.

The news also mentioned that U.K. Telegraph reported similar sightings of such cats in Sichuan developing wing-like growths too back in 2008. Scientists believed that the “wings” or “appendages” had developed due to grooming habits, genetic defect or hereditary skin condition. Vets consulted also said that the wings will not harm cats’ quality of life.

Hmm… I wondered whether Mimi will start to grow a pair of wings soon. Will check her tonight.

See picture of the cute winged kitty here -

Amazingly, Winged-cats have been around since ancient times! See wiki report here:

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