Friday, May 29, 2009

Scallop King From Hokkaido - Biggest Scallop I Ever Seen/Eaten!

My Uncle just got married recently. He and my newly-minted aunt went Japan for their honeymoon and just came back yesterday night. Due to the H1N1 flu, I have not really went to see them for fear that they might have some diseases (my bad, but I am just being cautious). However, they have sent their first "omeyake" (japanese meaning for gift) back to our place. It was a box of deep-freeze Hokkaido Scallops.

I can recognise some of the Chinese characters on the box. I supposed they meant it can be eaten raw and that it is caught in Hokkaido - All natural. Well, you might say that it is only scallop, so what is so special about it apart that it is from Hokkaido? Read on...

They are wild scallop. At the side of the box, it was stated that the scallop was size 3L. There were 11/15 pieces per killogram. So, you supposed that they should be rather big. But how big are they, really?


Nope. I have not photoshop them to make look big. They are also not some fishcakes. They are real scallops. I counted them. There were 14 pieces in the box...

Not trying to boast or exaggerating, but I have never seen such a big scallop in my life. They are about 2 cm thick and 3.5 cm in diameter. It was almost 3 times as big as the mineral water bottle cap! The one you saw in the photo above was the smallest one in the box!

I think this photo will give you a better idea or how big it really is. Given that it can amazingly fitted nicely on my wide palm, it would be too big for people with small hand...

Guess how much they cost?

A whopping $100 Sing dollars which calculated to about $8 Sing dollars each.

My brother and I waited till it is thawed. The meat is shiny and is firm to touch. It also eluded this beautiful pearly coral-pink colour.

We cut it up and eat it raw like Sashimi. It was delicious!!! It has a very strong seafood flavour and the sweetness is beyond this world.

Thanks very much, Uncle! In the meantime, I have to start rack my brain on how to cook those giants. :P

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