Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I didn’t like this song when it was first released. Had felt that it was quite plain. I was however hooked on it when it was remixed to the Jazz version in a concert.

This song essentially highlighted that it is the simple thing in life that people fall in love with – be it a smile, a look, a gesture or anything simple, it does not matter as long as one is there when most needed.

Simple things in life… I always had a craving for simple things in life, nothing too manipulating, nothing too pretentious, frank and upfront. Hence, Jazz vocal never fails to captivate me.

There is a certain technique of course, but the most important thing that came through in the song is the emotion in the vocal.    

Just learnt from an old friend that the writer of the song had wrote another melody for the same chord arrangement. It is more jazzy than the original song. Quite like it.

I agreed with my old friend that the song has a melody that makes you want to walk alone on the street and soaked in surrounding tranquility atmosphere.

Hum along: Wooo wo 我只爱陌生人…

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