Friday, October 2, 2009

Good Luck Birthday Noodles

Celebrating one’s Birthday with a Birthday cake has become a common practise that people forget it was originally a western tradition. Traditionally, Chinese would celebrate one’s lunar birthday with a bowl of noodles cooked in broth called mian xian “面线". The supposedly long noodles symbolised longevity and Chinese would add a pair of hard-boiled eggs for good luck.

My mum cooked me a bowl of mian xian on my lunar birthday. A simple pig liver and minced meat noodles soup, with of course a pair of hard boil eggs for good luck. A simple dish, but filled with so much love and well-wishes.

Immediately, one felt much better smelling the appetising sesame seed oil fragrance. To be eaten while it is hot, I sweat as I gulped down the noodles – a sign of purifying. Hmm…I wondered if one’s bad luck would be expel from body through the sweat. I certainly hope it was!

山穷水尽疑无路 柳岸花明又一村。。。

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cloudmuse said...

Good luck! :)